Idle Hands is a brand born from exploration. Particularly the exploration of various subcultures & of various vices.

Coming from a city as diverse as Toronto, the exposure to so many different subcultures and their respective aesthetics has influenced the Idle Hands aesthetic. We take it all in, from streetwear to luxury, from punk to workwear, from BDSM to tailoring. The final product is an ode to one, or all, of these subcultures. The Idle Hands aesthetic is our commentary on how these subcultures exist and co-exist in a contemporary setting.

Toronto also has its dark underbelly and Idle Hands offers a subtle commentary on the exploration of vice. With our name being derived from the biblical saying that “Idle Hands are the devil’s workshop”, we tell a story of vice, self-medication, addiction, and pop culture’s morbid obsession with these subjects.

We offer a selection of apparel, footwear, jewelry & accessories that are the result of these explorations, and they are showcased as ready-to-wear collections.