There are few footwear styles that have stood the test of time and evolved like the combat boot. Rooted in military use, the combat boot dates back to World War I. The combat boot has been adapted by the US military for almost every new war since then. As newer versions were introduced for military use, outdated versions made their way to surplus stores and were adopted by the public.

Once adopted by the public, combat boots made their way through various subcultures from punk to high fashion and everything in between. Today, while combat boots still hold their edgy anti-establishment pedigree, they have become a fashion staple for celebrities and trendsetters alike.

Combats boots are synonymous with punk rockers and style icons, runway models and icons like Steve McQueen. The perfect combat boot is sleek and streamlined while also grounding your outfit and adding presence. It makes a statement but is understated enough to be the foundation for your outfit.

With this in mind, we made a combat boot with a tall, sleek shaft but with a more angular almond toe-box to add masculinity and presence to the boot. We chose an adaptation of traditional military speed lacing to offer a less traditional look that keeps the boot minimal by limiting the view of the laces. Finally, we went with a low-profile half-Commando sole in order to maintain the sleekness of the boot while keeping the functional treading required by harsh weather.

We used the best full-grain Italian calf leather available for the boot’s upper, full lining, and part of the insole. The sole is a custom leather half-Commando sole with rubber treading. Finally, the Merens Combat Boot is made with a Blake-stitched sole which means it can be easily resoled and can last for you for years.

The Merens Combat Boot is extremely versatile – it’s sleek enough to wear with slim jeans or a suit but has enough presence to be worn with cargo pants or workwear trousers.

Our goal was to create the best, most versatile, everyday combat boot on the market. Something that was of the same quality, construction & design as boots from luxury tier brands but be able to offer it to our customers at an extremely competitive price.

We accomplished our goal and we hope you enjoy wearing the boots as much as we enjoyed bringing them to life.